Boston University Global Programs - BU Foundation India Seed Fund Program

The BU Global Programs - BU Foundation India seed funding program is launched in spring every year to support collaborative projects between academic researchers in India and at Boston University

The Seed Fund

The BU Global Programs-BUFI Seed Fund Program is designed to seed new or support existing collaborative research projects in India conducted by BU faculty and their peers in India. The research project may be in any discipline, but must directly benefit India. Foreign travel is allowed on this award, enabling face-to-face meetings, which we hope will benefit collaboration and outcomes of the research project between BU faculty and their research partners in India.

Request for Proposals

This request for proposals is for one seed fund of $30,000, awarded jointly to Principal Investigators from Boston University and India for research topics in any discipline that directly benefit India and lead to improved quality of life for its people. The $30,000 award will be divided equally between the BU PI and PI from an Indian Institution, with $15,000 awarded to the BU PI in Boston and the equivalent awarded in Indian Rupees to the Indian PI in India.


All full-time Boston University faculty members on the Charles River and Medical campuses are eligible to apply. Indian PIs must be Indian citizens and currently employed full time at any Indian University Grants Commission recognized institution.

Key Dates for Seed Fund Award

  • Application deadline: TBA
  • Finalist announced: TBA
  • Award use period: 12 months

Disbursement and Use of Funds

Seed funding must be used within the award use period indicated above. Eighty percent (80%) of the total funds will be disbursed to the PIs at the start of the funding period, with the remaining twenty percent (20%) disbursed upon submission and acceptance of the final report. There will be no follow-up funding available from this seed fund. Funds may be used for the following project related activities:

  • Round-trip economy fare to and from India/US, and within India (domestic travel);
  • In-country board & lodging expenses;
  • Visa fee;
  • Purchase of supplies in India that will be used for research;
  • Publication fees within India.
Funds may not be used for:
  • Personnel salaries;
  • Legal expenses; or
  • Office space.

Review Process and Criteria

Applications will be jointly reviewed by BU Global Programs and BUFI. Specific review criteria include, but are not limited to: Clearly articulated potential for measurable positive impact on India and leads to improved quality of life for its people; Likelihood that the project will lead to subsequent external funding; Well defined and achievable project scope, activities, and goals.

Seed Fund Recipient Reports

The seed fund recipient is required to submit two reports, an Interim Report by first quarter of 2019 and a Final Report at the end of the award term. The reports should indicate key anticipated or realized results, publications or grant awards from the project, new collaborations, or other outcomes, and an accounting of how the funds were spent. The Final Report will reside on the Global Programs and BUFI websites. In addition to scientific descriptions, the reports should include sections that are clear to non-scientific audiences, with illustrations and photographs of the project work and individuals involved with the effort.