BUFI - IISc Seed Fund for Collaboration Project

A collaborative project between Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (IISc) & Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), Boston, MA, USA

Project Outcome

"A jointly authored review article for the 'Journal of Leukocyte Biology' by members of both the Indian Institute of Science and Boston University laboratories got published in April 2018."   

Dr. Rangarajan has vast experience in cancer biology, and the study of association of diabetes and inflammation in cancer risk and cancer progression is a relatively new research topic. To investigate metabolism and breast cancer cell properties of lean diabetic women, a prevalent condition in India, is best accomplished as a collaboration between established laboratories abroad that are investigating similar problems in obese women, a prevalent condition in the Western population. Shared reagents and expertise will make progress possible on the aims. Rangarajan's team was beginning to initiate research on the association of diabetes with breast cancer in India, but lacked necessary funding to visit collaborators at BU, and purchase small equipment for the research project, hence the application to BUFI for a small grant.

After careful review of the proposal, the BUFI directors decided to provide a small grant to IISc. to seed the collaborative activities. The funds were primarily used to purchase Assay and Laboratory Supplies, and cover travel and training for data collection and for academic discussions. Data obtained through this funding also helped to seek further funding from agencies, both in India and abroad.

In addition, training opportunities for young researchers equipped them to contribute further in similar active and critical fields of research.