Max Analjit Singh (MAS) Scholarships - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the scholarship open to all students who have admission to Boston University?
    The scholarship is open to Indian nationals (no US Green Card holders) who have confirmed admission to Boston University Questrom School of Business MBA or MS-MBA two-year full-time programs.

  2. Do I need to apply for the scholarship?
    You do not need to apply. Once your admission is confirmed, Boston University Questrom School of Business (the University) will make a recommendation to the Boston University Foundation-India (BUFI) from the list of eligible students based on the criteria listed below. BUFI will make the final decision and notify the winner(s).

  3. What are the eligibility criteria?
    The candidate must:
    (i) Be admitted to and enrolled at Boston University Questrom School of Business to pursue a full time MBA or MSMBA Graduate program;
    (ii) Be an Indian national (U.S. Green Card holders are not eligible);
    (iii) Have minimum pre-MBA full-time work experience of five years; and
    (iv) Have a minimum GMAT score of 700.

  4. What is the selection process?
    The selection is done through a competitive method. An overall assessment of the student's academic record, professional CV/resume, extracurricular activities, and financial need will be used to determine selection. Preference will be given to students who have not previously studied or worked in the United States. Preference will also be given to students who demonstrate intent to return to India upon completion of their MBA program, to join the ranks of Indian industry or government.

  5. How do I learn if I am selected to receive the scholarship award?
    An email with a letter from BUFI will be sent to the awardees, typically during February-March of the year of matriculation. Awardees will have an option to accept or reject the scholarship award at the time.

  6. What does the MAS Scholarship cover?
    The MAS Scholarship is to be applied to tuition fees.

  7. How much is the scholarship? Will it cover my entire tuition fee?
    Scholarship amounts vary from year to year, and also from student to student. The award amount will cover a significant portion of the tuition fees required to attend Boston University. The exact amount shall be mentioned in the letter awardees will receive from BUFI.

  8. Do I receive the scholarship funds in USD?
    No, the scholarship funds will be provided in Indian Rupees (INR) only and disbursed to the awardee in India.

  9. Can the amount be disbursed to my foreign country bank account?
    No, the amount shall only be disbursed to an India bank account of your choice.

  10. How will the USD-INR exchange rate impact the final amount of scholarship?
    The scholarship will be offered in INR to you, the amount of which will be clearly mentioned in the offer letter. USD-INR exchange rates will not play any role in the amount to be disbursed.

  11. Does the bank account of my choice need to be in my name only?
    Yes, you must have a bank account in your name.

  12. Can I accept any other scholarship along with the MAS scholarship?
    The MAS Scholarship award is offered to cover BU tuition fees. You are free to get additional scholarships and/or loans to attend Boston University, up to, but not exceeding, the "Total Educational Expenses" amount that Questrom posts annually (tuition fees, room, board, etc. Click here for details), however, you are required as a part of the MAS Scholarship agreement to disclose to BUFI, any awards you have received or may receive.

  13. Do I have to pay any taxes to the Indian authorities for the money remitted to my account as scholarship?
    Please check with the appropriate Indian tax authorities regarding any tax obligations. BUFI cannot provide tax advice and does not take any responsibility or liability for paying taxes on your behalf.

  14. Are there any other requirements that I must meet to continue receiving the scholarship through the duration of my enrolment in the MBA or MS-MBA program?
    You need to remain in "good standing" at the University in the two year MBA/MSMBA program on a full time basis. For more information on good standing, please refer to the Questrom School of Business website .

  15. What if I plan to convert my full time MBA to part time/less than full time?
    BUFI would consider pro-rating your scholarship award. However, to consider pro-rating your award, BUFI would need documentation from the University providing you with permission to convert from a full time to a part time or less than full time status.

  16. When will the annual award be disbursed?
    The annual award is disbursed each year in two instalments: one instalment on or before September 1st and another on or before December 1st.

  17. What if I do not receive the amount disbursed to my account before the University's fee deposit due date?
    You are responsible for tuition payment to the University each semester. If there is a delay in funds from BUFI to you, you should contact the University directly to discuss delayed payment. You also should feel free to contact BUFI directly for assistance.

  18. Am I required to return to India to work upon earning my degree from BU?
    The donors of MAS scholarship encourage you to return to India to work upon earning your degree. If, however, you do not return to India upon graduation, you are not required to return any amount of the scholarship award.

  19. Does BUFI help me in getting an internship or job placement as a MAS Scholar?
    No, at this time BUFI is not structured to assist with internship or job placements.

  20. Does BUFI publicly acknowledge individuals who have been awarded a MAS scholarship?
    BUFI reserves the right as a condition of the award to publish the names and a brief profile of scholarship awardees. BUFI will share a draft of the brief profile with you beforehand.

  21. How can I ask a question or seek clarification?
    You may contact BUFI at